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Hardgainer Muscle Building Tips

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The tall and thin ectomorph born with a fast metabolism is a typical hard-gainer. Studies that have been done on strength and muscle development in ectomorphs tell us that there is a lot of truth in the old saying "Go big or go home". The experts tell us that compound movements require more muscle recruitment, more calories and more cardio to get maximum results.

Drop the isolation movements you are doing because you are wasting your time and energy trying to increase muscle mass doing isolation movements. The body works as a complete unit. The more joints and muscles used to perform a movement the better.

Sufficient recuperation time is vital to ensure success at achieving optimal muscle growth for an ectomorph. Doing HIIT type training is great for fat-loss but as an ectomorph that is not your problem. You need to go heavy and take a long break to fully recuperate in order to fire at 100% with each rep.

Here are the recommended rest times between sets when trying to gain muscle as a hard-gainer (ectomorph). When doing 10-12 reps, you should rest 3 minutes. When doing 6-9 reps, you should rest 4 minutes. When doing 5 reps and under, you should rest 5 minutes between sets.

If you look online you will find a hard-gainer calorie calculator which will show you exactly how many calories you should take in to gain muscle. It is more than likely a lot more calories than you thought so your daily eating habits play a major role is gaining muscle for any ectomorph.

Eating calorie dense foods with lots of protein is required to get results. Having a 1500-3000 calorie whey protein shake 45 minutes before a workout is not uncommon for a hard-gainer. You need to take in dense calories so that you are feeling dense but not full.

Fats are a hard-gainers best friend, an ectomorph should never sacrifice carbohydrates for fats, you need both of them in abundance. Your post-workout meal needs lots of carbs to replenish the muscle glycogen lost and speed up the muscle repairing process.

As an ectomorph you will not have a problem consuming simple carbs like maltodextrin, dextrose or waxy maize and Vitargo. Progress for any hard-gainer comes from hard work and patience doing compound lifts with enough rest time between sets to fully recover.

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