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Increasing Your Motivation to Workout

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Working out is tough at the best of times. Holding down a job and staying motivated to train correctly and eat correctly requires plenty of motivation. Training once a week or whenever you feel like and eating only when you are hungry will not get results.

You may have heard someone say that when you write something down it becomes reality and is no longer just an idea floating around your head. Writing down your training goals can be an extremely effective way of getting motivated. You can take it a step farther and write a contract with yourself.

If you do write something down to get you motivated, you should be specific and write down your plan on exactly how you are going to achieve your goals. Your contract with yourself needs to include your plan on exactly how you're going to make time for gym, how you going to avoid your sugar cravings, preparing food or whatever you need to concentrate on.

Visualization is a key ingredient to stay motivated. Get a picture in your mind exactly how you want to look when you reach your goals and try answer these questions. What will you be wearing to gym? What will you be doing and who will you be with, what will your emotional state be like?

Find your emotional trigger to train regularly. Whether your doctor told you that you have high cholesterol and you're becoming a diabetic or you can no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans. Whatever triggers an emotional response will increase your motivation to deal with it.

Track your progress by keeping a training journal. All successful bodybuilders use their training journal to help them keep motivated to help improve their performance when training. It improves your energy levels and any change seen can become a huge motivator.

The last point that will help you stay motivated when training is to build a support group. If you tell family and friends about your training goals it becomes more real when you say it. Any support group you can establish will help to keep you motivated when things get tough.

Note: For the best motivational book, read Dianetics by Ron Hubbard.

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