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What are the Best Muscle Building Exercises

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We all know very well that they only way to gain muscle to is to gain strength first. We have created a list of the top muscle building movements available at any gym using dumbbells, barbells and bodyweight movements. Usually the movements listed below would be done at the start of the workout which would be followed by machine or cable movements concentrating on the same body-part.


The king of all movements is the squat for a very good reason. When you are able to lift a "heavy weight using good form" doing a squat you will have a very strong core strength. When you squat you will activate all your growth hormones and increase your cardiovascular capacity at the same time.


Deadlifts are designed to test you just like squats. The more weight you can deadlift using good form the stronger you will be and the more lean body mass you will hold.


Dips have been called the squat for the upper body for a good reason. Dips will work your shoulders, your chest and your triceps very hard. Whether you use only your body-weight or you attach a training belt to a heavy dumbbell while you do dips makes no difference. The dips will develop the strength of your upper body.

Pull Ups:

When compared to lat pulldowns pull-ups show a much better return for developing back and bicep strength. The advantage of doing pull-ups or chin-ups is that eccentric movements and assisted lifts can be used to get maximum results when training back and biceps.

Bench Press:

Bench-press is the staple for any bodybuilder, the highly effective bench-press has many variables using both incline and decline as well as dumbbells.

Overhead press:

The military press or overhead press also has countless variations attached which can be done using barbell or dumbbells variations. Another effective variation on the overhead press is the Arnold press using dumbbells but standing overhead press is also a strength building alternative.


Rowing can be done using barbells and dumbbells to isolate the upper back muscles. T-bar rowing would also be another alternative just like single arm D/B rows or cable rowing.

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